Russian Federation

Ekaterina Smyslova

Ekaterina received her law degree from Ural State Law Academy in Russia and completed courses in Religious Liberty and Human Rights at Columbia University in New York City. Ekaterina specializes in civil law, but prefers mediation to litigation because she is a peacemaker by nature and likes to help her clients not only defend their rights and restore justice, but prevent conflicts and restore relationships. Since 1994, Ekaterina served religious minorities in Russia, helping them with state registration (incorporation), taxes, contracts and other legal needs. In addition she helped to publish legal databases for religious organizations and helped to run their educational programs.


Ekaterina teaches Law on Nonprofits and Charities in the School for Volunteers of Mercy in Moscow. She is a Board member of a number of international charitable organizations and also teaches The Art of Effective Communications at various seminars and leadership training programs in different countries of the world.


Ekaterina has grown in cross-cultural environment under influence of people representing atheistic culture, Christianity, Islam and Judaism and is ready to help groups representing different worldviews and religious background to find common ground for cooperation and partnership for social partnership as peace.


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