Dr. Benjamin Levi Moses

Dr. Benjamin Levi Moses is the Executive Director of Global Leadership Geneva, a non-profit organization serving the community of ambassadors, members of parliament and business leaders to foster Leaders Excellence & Nation Building in Switzerland ( He is also the Associate Director of the Geneva Institute for Leadership and Public Policy (GILPP), which promotes public policy created by enlightened and compassionate public leadership to help leaders address critical contemporary global and national issues with transformational ideas for shaping public policy as well as more effective strategies in implementing policy to transform their nations toward prosperity and liberty. Benjamin is a public speaker, counselor, spiritual mentor and coach in both public and private institutions in Switzerland, Europe and worldwide. In the past he worked in leadership roles in various social development organizations mainly in Switzerland and India. He holds a PhD in Social Sciences and a Master in Public Administration. He lives in Lausanne, Switzerland with his wife Dr. Jessy Benjamin (PhD, MBA, and BSc Honors Electronics) a business entrepreneur, and their two sons. Together with his wife, they are founders of a NGO that provides educational aid and community development programs to children and women from rural India (


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