Central African Republic

Dr. Augustin Hibaile

Dr. Augustin Hibaile was born in the northwestern section of the Central African Republic. He earned his Doctor of Ministry at Grace Theological Seminary, located in Winona Lake, Indiana. He served the Bata Bible Institute and Seminary for almost 20 years as a professor. He has also been a volunteer Police chaplain from 1993 to the present. In 2005, Dr. Hibaile founded the Center International for the Development of Ethical Leadership (CIDEL) which is headquartered in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic. CIDEL is a service to those in positions of authority. Through the services of CIDEL, Dr. Hibaile has conducted seminars on ethical leadership, the prevention of corruption and other related topics to numerous government officials. Leaders from the Ministries of Finance, Justice, Defense, Public Security and Interior have benefited from his training.

He can be contacted at: centralafricanrepublic@international-understanding-and-peace.org


In addition to these workshops, Dr. Hibaile met weekly with the country’s Prime Minister for a time of personal talks. Dr. Hibaile is also very involved in the life of the University of Bangui, serving as a member of the faculty and offering workshops for both faculty and students. He has conducted seminars in Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Burundi, Liberia and Kenya.


His 20 years of training leaders was about equipping men and women to be able to work on building understanding and peace among people. The current ministry is another level of building effective understanding and peace among leaders who can impact many lives in their state, community and family. ‎In 2013 he was trained in Barcelona, Spain, on Demobilization, Disarmement and Reintegration (DDR) of ex-combatants. That knowledge together with his expertise of dealing with human spirit and soul have helped Dr. Hibaile to disarm the hearts and the hands of combatants in the current social and political conflict in the CAR. It is his understanding that mankind is meant to live in society. To achieve that goal, mutual understanding requires efforts from each individual.