Richard Houmegni

Teaching on Ethics, Apologetics and Culture Ethnicity and Diversity (Institut des Mines et Industries Pétrolières de Kaele/Maroua - Cameroon; Vision University Institute - Yaoundé). Teaching on Cultural Diversity at several institutions in Africa.  DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration) in Public Communication and Lobbying from Madison International Institute and Business School. Various trainings on Coaching, Leadership and Conflict Resolution.

Promoter and Executive Director of CIDEL Cameroun Centre International pour le Développement de l’Ethique du Leadership. French Instructor of Pointman Leadership Institute.


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Trainer and youth leader for 26 years with the focus on transformational leadership. For the last 5 years, I provided character based training and prevention of corruption among African leaders.


An African proverb says: «where there is evil, silence is either guilty or conniving». Therefore in order not to stand as a silent observer of decline of moral values, I have made the commitment to play the role of main agent to train the agents of moral and ethical reform of African nations.

One of the main passions of my life has become encouraging leaders at all level of African society to count it a privilege to serve the people with a charitable attitude.