the world needs peace

Where groups of people live and work together, there are always conflicts. We are individuals with different personalities. Each of us has their own attitudes,values​, ideas of what is right and wrong, and of what is proper or not. And if different views collide, they may result in conflict. Such conflicts are usually stressful for both parties.

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The principles by which we humans "work," are always the same, even in case of conflict. The more influence and power one party to the conflict has, the more people can be affected by a conflict. In international conflicts or civil wars often thousands of people suffer from direct or indirect effects of those disputes. One should always be looking for a conflict resolution. The best beginning to conflict resolution is still conversation.


From my experience out of hundreds of disputes over many years, I observe that each side of a conflict, taken in isolation, always desires peace and seems to be reasonable. Often when the two sides meet, destructive elements mix in—even up to the desire for mutual destruction.


In addition, International Conflict Resolution is often linked to the study of development, human rights, humanitarian affairs, security policy and social psychology.


the right person in the right place

The right person in the right place can often—by small acts or comments—reach the decisive turning point, particularly if you arrived at critical points. Certain techniques for de-escalation and constructive communication are necessary. Often thesoft” factors such as empathy, humor, spontaneity, religious understanding and intercultural competence, are crucial.


International Understanding and Peace (IUP)

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